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Welcome to AJ Hospitality Solutions! We are so very excited to be a business that helps support restaurants, bars, cafes, and any hospitality venue to optimise their business potential. We are genuinely interested in helping businesses develop and grow and we offer a very unique approach, by tailoring our offering specifically to the business venue and their needs.

I think everyone knows how hard hospitality has had it over the last year and a half, with the pandemic affecting the industry so badly. Many venues have done an excellent and inspiring job during these difficult times, of adapting and growing against all odds. Some made the decision to close through the whole period. Whatever state a business is in, it is now a time to review and improve. It is common for large hospitality businesses to have finance and operational support functions in-house, but not all businesses can afford this. We offer a wide range of services that do not cost as much as full time salaries.

We are blogging, to provide insight and understanding about the trials and tribulations of the hospitality industry, on both a serious and fun level. Complete the contact us page on our website and tick the box to join our mailing list, for immediate copies of the blog straight to your inbox.